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 cyan, the bootlegg cyborg (7-20-08)

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PostSubject: cyan, the bootlegg cyborg (7-20-08)   Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:57 pm

Number: none (was made by a rival weapons company if guys want to give her an honorairy number tell me and i'll add it)
Alias: Cyan
Nicknames: snow bunny (only close friends can call her this) ice queen(if used in anger change queen to an explicit)
Place of Birth: believed to be north American
D.O.B: january 23
Zodiac Sign: aquarius
Age: unknown, is thought to be about 14 at the time of the first operation
Gender: female
Nationality: unknown European mix
Height: 4'7
Weight: 95
Appearance: she always looks pale and sickly, her choice in clothing and hair cut have caused many people to think that she is a boy. she will always wear at least 4 layers of clothing to try and keep warm. her favorite clothing is her blue hoodie that is far to big for her small frame
Personality: she is extremely clever and can be rather funny. sadly most of her wit is a dark sarcasm that can cut to the bone. she can seem unemotional and stubborn, but it's mostly due to her history. she's thinks on her feet best being able to pull the rabbit out of the hat best during crunch time. when someone finally gets past her brooding exterior she'll make their everyday an adventure with her wit and a bad nack for getting in over her head.
Occupation before capture: student
Bio: Cyan doesn't remember most of her past, before the first tests. in fact her birthday is the day she escaped from one of black ghosts rival companies. she was supposed to be their answer to black ghosts cyborg project, but their stolen blue prints where flawed at best and suicidal at worst. most of the abilities she was original supposed to have where removed after they discovered a problem with maintaining her body heat. all of the cybernetics where causing her to over heat and pass out with in a few minutes. their solution was a radical new cooling system, which promptly failed. they gave up after the cooling system failed to work properly, leaving her with a cooling system that lowered her body temp into dangerously low levels. after some stabilizing tinkering done by a curious engineer, she escaped during a weapon test. she tried to find where she was from, but she didn't know how long she had been away and no one seemed to know who she was. she's been wandering around the U.S. trying to find a place to settle, but her inability to touch another human has kept her from making any friends. also her coolant system has lowered the energy she uses so she often doesn't eat more then once a day. her body doesn't get all of the nutrition it needs in her one meal giving her the sickly look

Cybernetic Ability:
1) human freezer: cyan's cooling system is broken causing the air around her to drop anywhere from 20-50 degrees F depending on how active she is. anything she touches can be frozen instantly is she isn't paying attention to her cooling. she can turn off her cooling system but if it isn't turned on within 30 min she can suffer heat damage and any time it is off longer then an hour will result in permanent damage, if not death. she enjoys useing this to create a layer of ice that she can walk/skate on a body of water.
2) vocal mimicking device? : no one is sure if she could do it before, but she can mimic a persons voice after hearing it 3 or more times. she thinks that she could do it before the cybernetics, but she isn't sure. this isn't perfect, but it can pass if someone isn't listening carefully or doesn't know the person well.
3) faulty rockets: they are similar to 002's rockets except if she uses them for longer them 30 seconds the heat from the rockets can cause her cybernetic 'bones' to fail and exploded under the extreme heat change.

the image to the left is how she looks, the image to the right is an easier color sceme that'd be more realistic for tv... she doesn't like uniforms XD
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cyan, the bootlegg cyborg (7-20-08)
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