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 Francoise Arnoul/ 003 (07.20/08)

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PostSubject: Francoise Arnoul/ 003 (07.20/08)   Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:39 am

Number: 003
Alias: Francoise Arnoul
Nicknames: Franny
Place of Birth: Paris, France
D.O.B: January 24th
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Age: 19 (60+ in cryo stasis)
Gender: Female
Nationality: French
Height: 5' 4/ 165 cm.
Weight: 114.6 lbs/ 52 kg
Appearance: Slender woman with fair complexion, long blonde hair supported by a red headband, green eyes and wears the standard 00 cyborg suit.
Personality: Timid, Hopeful, Friendly
Occupation before capture: Ballerina

Francoise was born as the oldest daughter of a typical upper-middle class family living in the outskirts of Paris, France. She took ballet lessons from a very young age, and was considering on becoming a professional ballet dancer. She abandoned this dream from the problem of her family's class in society. Francoise, however, could not give up her dreams of ballet even after entering college, and decides to study ballet abroad upon being moved by the performance of the Bennex Ballet Company. Black Ghost abducted Francoise and her dream never came true.

Francoise along with cyborgs 001, 002, and 004, were placed in chryo stasis until technology developed further. She then becomes a part of the rebellion force against Black Ghost. Hoping to rid of the evil the organization has brought to the world.

Cybernetic Ability:

In the early 1960s, Francoise was captured and transformed into a cyborg by the Black Ghost's first-generation cyborg project. She is closest to a human being among the other members, and lacks the strength as a combat cyborg. Nevertheless, since she is a cyborg, she is stronger than an ordinary human. Francoise is designed as an underground espionage member, and is provided with super vision capable of viewing super long distances and seeing through things, as well as super hearing capable of sensing sounds that an ordinary person would not be able to hear. This is a type of mobile radar, and her overall combat capability is low. Francoise is also equipped with a probe system enabling the analysis of a program of the machine she touches. Not only is she an expert in machines, she comprises a language translation ability, and is able to decode or newly translate most languages.

With her super vision and hearing transformed to the limit, Francoise is the eyes and ears of the cyborg team, and is the key player in comprehending the combat situation through the translation of languages throught the world and her language analysis ability that enables even a new translation of a language from another planet.
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Francoise Arnoul/ 003 (07.20/08)
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