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 Holly Pacer- cyborg soldier C21 (7/23/08)

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PostSubject: Holly Pacer- cyborg soldier C21 (7/23/08)   Wed Jul 23, 2008 12:06 pm

Number: C21
Alias: Holly Leeann Pacer
Nicknames: Holls, Shorty
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
D.O.B: May 22nd, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 119 lbs
Appearance: Bright/unusual green-blue eyes, shoulder-length/streaky hazelnut hair, heart-shaped face, side part, relatively small waist. Cybernetic appearance: white-and-black uniform with double-knot black scarf. Black gloves. “T.4 inscription on coat bottom. Hybrid-bat ears are the only ears visible. Light lasercut rectangle-shaped marks on thighs.

Personality: Emotional, headstrong, compassionate
Occupation before capture: Musician, stage-named SunGirl

Holly was born into a middle-class family in San Francisco, California, but the family decided to move out of the city, worried that it wasn’t a good place to raise their child. They moved to the small town of Cornwall, where they would remain for the rest of their lives. As a little girl, young Holly had an interesting love and aptitude for music. She wrote lots of songs for voice and piano. Then, much to her surprise, a record company spotted her on YouTube and recruited her. She dyed her hair black to disguise her very normal identity, and soon she was widely known as SunGirl, 13-year-old musical prodigy. She went on 3 tours and made six CDs in the five years she lived this life.

Then, at age 18, Holly saw a news report from Cornwall saying that both of her parents were murdered. Shocked with anguish and afraid of returning to her hometown, she was kidnapped by Black Ghost a day later.
However, Black Ghost hadn’t known that Holly, as SunGirl, was a celebrity, and it would be incredibly suspicious if she just disappeared. So the organization sent in a group of agents to report that SunGirl was killed in a car crash. They doctored a photo to make it look like she was dead, and even went as far as killing a look-alike of Holly so they’d have a body to give to the police. Before she was manufactured into a cyborg, Holly was woken up by two cocky, dim-witted agents/scientists who revealed these scarring secrets to her. Since then she has been heavily wounded with macabre memories of her past. Still, she manages to be optimistic most of the time.

It took Holly, as C21, a long time to wake up after she was altered. Luckily, the model before her, a young man who somehow overrode his own cybernetic program, escaped his chamber before she woke, freed her and sent her to a new home, thanks to mental telepathy-teleportation. No one recognized her, since SunGirl was dead and the black dye had long washed out of Holly's hair.
At one of her smaller concerts as SunGirl, Holly had met Pyunma, a boy a little older than her from North Africa. The two became nearly best friends, until Holly was supposedly murdered. Pyunma was shocked until years after her death, when there came a knock on his door: it was Holly; she hadn't died, just become a cyborg. Upon discovering each other's cyborg secrets the two made a vow to stand by each other even in the most dire circumstances.
This was tested when Holly and Pyunma were attacked by the rest of Holly's "project", the Pigment cyborgs. The two were amazed to find that these other seven were not talking and acting as themselves, rather, they were being run on cybernetic programs that used key personality traits of each, but for a more violent purpose. It was during this saga that Holly's program, LIGHT, was first revealed. After a series of long, drawn-out fights, Holly and Pyunma, working together, disabled all the programs of these new cyborgs. However, since three of them were working for Black Ghost anyway, the killing did not stop right away. In the end, Holly lost a childhood friend (Tevran "Tevo" Jackson, C27) as he saved the youngest of the group. The three working for Black Ghost (Carmen Rosa, C24, Vladimir Von Kanon, C25 and Benjamin Richardson, C22) escaped and were never seen again.

Cybernetic Ability:

Four test models of C21 were made; three of them died. The fourth was “stolen”; no more C21 models were ever created. Thus the “T.4” inscription on her coat.

Cyborg soldier program: LIGHT-
LIGHT is a creatively cunning fighter with incredibly realistic human traits. Unlike most of the other programs in the Pigment project, LIGHT isn’t completely obedient to any of her comrades or creators. LIGHT is activated when there is a red glow in C21’s eyes. (She takes over Holly's system every now and then, but since C20 damaged the program while rescuing her, Holly has control a good chunk of the time)

Installed genetically altered hybrid-bat ears- excellent hearing.

Heat-sensor eyes- 20/20 night vision.

Updated jet engines in both feet- flight.

Accessible energy fencer in right thigh- good close-combat weapon; cuts like a laser.

Accessible flare explosives in left thigh- used to blind or distract enemies.

Performance-enhancing energy core in left hip-
Although it’s not streamlined and can take weeks to recharge, the core gives her an extreme advantage in a battle. It immediately ups her speed and strength by up to 300%, and sometimes the energy it creates (which emanates from her entire body) can scald or bruise a person who touches her. BUT it can be disabled (and sent back into charging mode) by a hard physical blow to the left hip OR a non-piercing energy blast. If a gunshot, energy beam, etc. pierces through that spot, both Holly and LIGHT will be rendered unconscious and in critical condition.

Underwater breathing.

Holly will be represented by the white, and LIGHT by the blue. (kind of ironic, ain't it?)

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Holly Pacer- cyborg soldier C21 (7/23/08)
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