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 Great Britain / Actor 007 Profile (7/9/08)

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Actor 007

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PostSubject: Great Britain / Actor 007 Profile (7/9/08)   Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:52 pm

Number: 007
Alias: Great Britain
Nicknames: GB
Place of Birth: Liverpool
D.O.B: April 1st
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Nationality: English
Height: 5'9" / 175 cm
Weight: Above 150 lbs
Appearance: Bald (used to have blonde hair) / Black eyes
Personality: Great Britain, despite his troubles, is an optimist. He has a habit of smiling too much, even in the many instances of danger where he shouldn't be doing so. The man can't help but to grin for his love of life. He is not one to drown others in his sorrows.

In reality, he is seen as an amiable person in the eyes of his comrades.

Soft at heart, he is easily moved to tears and can overexaggerate his emotions unawaringly as a born actor.

On his spare time, he is often found writing up a script for his next famous drama...or maybe eight. As an actor, he practices his craft, expressing his lines in front of the mirror, perhaps in front of one or two of his cyborg friends. G.B can be seen chanting a line or two from Shakespeare, for no reason or for explanation of his action.

Unlike some of the Cyborg 009 group, he looks to the bright side of his reconstructed body. He hopes to return to the coveted stage as a first class actor, using his ability to his advantage with his years of acting experience.

Occupation before capture: Actor
Bio: Great Britain was a working actor, aspiring to the very stars to be known for his talent and his passion of acting. Traveling along with a small troupe of actors like himself, G.B. set forth to act his heart out, in hopes of being recognized.

One day, a famous actor acknowledged the man and, thus, his career flew to the skies. Expressing his skill and love for his work, he appeared on the stage of the prestigious London Academy. Before this time, Great Britain fell in love with a beautiful actress by the name of Sophie. Sophie...how he adored her. But, fame got to his head...and he ignored his heart's admiration for the woman. Not only that but...he also started to accumulate financial debts within his theatrical group, even from Sophie, his girlfriend.

From all these pressures of fame and money problems, the actor resorted to heavy drinking in order to escape from the rising tensions. Alcoholism shot down his soaring acting career and the lights on his stage of life were dimmed to a silent close.

Without money and hopes, he would drink and smoke...and do anything for refills or cartons. A tempting glass of alcohol was all he wanted. What he desired to move on with his dreary life. A bottle appeared from strange hands. Great Britain wandered towards his fix. Too late for him...he was captured and in the grasp of the organization known as Black Ghost.

Cybernetic Ability: Black Ghost was known for its experiments on humans. Thus, it tested its top-secret project of making the perfect human weapon on any subject which they deemed fit. The drunk actor was one of the unfortunate considered for experimentation. During the surgery, the anonymous scientists used a special material in the middle of reconstructing his body; cytopathic plastic silicon polymer. After the significant procedure was performed on him, G.B. was made into a cyborg.

Cyborg 007 to be exact.

After some time, he teamed up with other cyborgs in escaping from the scientific facility of Black Ghost. He discovered his abilities to be one of an astounding kind. He could manipulate and change his molecular structure of his cells with a certain high frequency, causing his appearance to morph itself. To put it into friendly terms of understanding, Great Britain was able to transform into anything under the sun and moon; organic, inorganic...it didn't matter. He was still G.B on the inside of any of his changed forms, so he couldn't change his own mind or personality of his unique person. Also, the only way he could use this ability was by pressing his belly button. If anyone touched his belly button after he changed, he would immediately return to his normal form. This is a possible fault, as this would expose his act and potentially ruin his efforts of accomplishing his tasks of espionage.

However, he maintained his superb acting talents. His acting and newfound ability were realized to be very convincing. Not to mention deadly against his foes as G.B could use sneaky manueuvers to attack and harm the unsuspecting. Because of this, he is the spy of the Cyborg 009 group, able to retrieve any needed information and infiltrate into compounds that would have, otherwise, been impossible to enter.

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Great Britain / Actor 007 Profile (7/9/08)
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