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 Vesper Agnesi / 0014 [ 07/16/08 ]

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PostSubject: Vesper Agnesi / 0014 [ 07/16/08 ]   Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:46 am

Number: 0014.
Alias: Vesper Triela Agnesi.
Nicknames: Uccella, 'Songbird'. But don't call her by it.
Place of Birth: Milan, Italy.
Date of Birth: October 25.
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.
Age: 27.
Nationality: Italian.
Height: 5'9", 175.3 cm.
Weight: 125 lb, 56.7 kg.

Personality: Reserved. Misanthropic. Suspicious.
Occupation Before Capture: Violinist, La Scala orchestra.

Biography: Vesper was born to Lauro Agnesi, a violin maker, and Francesca D'Alessandro, a nurse. Francesca died of sepsis when Vesper was four. Vesper has worn predominantly black ever since, even though she stopped mourning long ago.

Two years later, Lauro received an offer to be the associate of a famous craftsman in Cremona. He and Vesper moved so he could take the job, leaving Vesper with nothing to do during the day. Her father encouraged her to take violin lessons, on promise that if she could learn to play his favorite song, he would craft her an instrument all her own.

After twelve years of lessons, Vesper was accepted into the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music. After graduating near the top of her class, Vesper auditioned for a position in the string-section of the La Scala orchestra. She played with La Scala for the rest of her musical career. Though she was clearly the best violinist in the entire section, the sexist managers and conductor made sure she did not become concertmaster. To make matters worse, Vesper's eccentric neighbor Dr. Bianchi did not approve of her status as a single woman, and began to offer her increasingly-insistent marriage proposals.

When Vesper was 27, she was finally granted the concertmaster position especially for the opera's season-debut of Don Giovanni. Just thirty minutes before her call-time, Dr. Bianchi broke into Vesper's apartment, smashed the violin her father made for her, and shot her. An unconscious Vesper was spirited away to the Euro-Alpesian Black Ghost facility in Switzerland. The events of her remodeling remain mostly unknown, but Vesper is so plagued by the memories that she is unwilling to recount what happened...

Cybernetic Ability:

Polymer Distortion. A government-secret cloaking technology, triggered by switches behind both her ears. Vesper's cells, and those of anything touching her body [such as clothing], are reformatted and develop magnetic fields like those of the North and South Poles. After a successful 'Distortion', all principles of wave physics bend around her, as do some particles. This renders her, of course, invisible to normal vision, as visible light is both wave- and particle-based. However, it also leaves her impervious to sonar, radar, X-rays, gamma rays, and the wave-like modes of the Cyborgs' standard-issue space-guns. If you can find her, she can still be harmed by physical blows, blades, and sufficient fire from regular guns.

It should be noted that Vesper has a violent streak. She does not follow the 00's moral code of refraining from killing. She is perfectly willing to use all manner of regular firearms along with her space-gun, torture prisoners to get information, and execute her enemies even if they are no longer capable of putting up a fight.
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Vesper Agnesi / 0014 [ 07/16/08 ]
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