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 Bonnie Blackwood/ Cyborg 00LO (07/17/08)

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PostSubject: Bonnie Blackwood/ Cyborg 00LO (07/17/08)   Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:53 pm

Number: Cyborg 00LO
Alias: Bonnie Blackwood
Nicknames: Bon Bon
Place of Birth: Scotland
D.O.B: July 25
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Nationality: Scottish
Height: 5'
Weight: 117 lbs

Bonnie is extremely passionate and emotional. Her thoughts usually circle around the negative in a situation at first, before ever seeking out the positive; however, she is incredibly instinctual. Bonnie finds it easier to act like a child now that her life has changed and has a curiosity that exceeds no other.
Occupation before capture: Farmer's daughter
Bio: A daughter to a couple of poor farmer's Bonnie was always expected to carry on the poor family business. At the age of 6, the family managed to buy their first T.V. in which Bonnie curled up in front of at night and watched movies with her mother. It was during these times that she would tell her mother that she would be an actress some day, unaware of the poverty that the family was in.
When Bonnie was 11 the family's business was beginning to fail terribly after a horrible crop cursed the farm. It was during this time that Clarissa Blackwood, Bonnie's mother, committed suicided.

The years following that seemed repetitive; Bonni's father grew angry at the loss of his wife, became obsessed with his work, and ignored Bonnie almost completely. During these last few years of her life Bonnie found that her soul purpose was to try and prove her worth to her father, and to anyone; a trait which still survives today.

On her last day as a human, Bonnie was on her way to the visitor's cottage where the Blackwood family had recently housed a well-dressed tourist. On the way to his room she spotted a car, and when she arrived to the room she waited for the door to open. It was only when she heard foot steps behind her that she turned around to face some of Black Ghost's men. She had tried fighting her hardest, but the woman was too weak to do anything to the men and thus fell under the enchantment of a gas mask.

Cybernetic Ability:
Bonnie has been granted a sophisticated heating system throughout her body and is able to heat up any part of her body to any amount of degrees nearly equal to that of molten hot lava. She is also gifted with the new ability to bend the charges of atoms around her and in other things. Using this type of power she is able to fill the air with unstable atom compounds. The compounds, once disturbed, have the ability to explode on contact. They are dangerous because they are nearly undetectable to anyone including other cyborgs. Also, using this ability Bonnie is able to form barriers around herself and her comrades. The larger the amount of unstable atoms she can create and maintain together the greater the force of the explosion, or the strength of the barrier she creates. Trying to control these atoms is dangerous even to Bonnie because any wrong move can enable danger to Bonnie's life as well.
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Bonnie Blackwood/ Cyborg 00LO (07/17/08)
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