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 More Curiosity

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PostSubject: More Curiosity   Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:14 pm

Just a question for all you creators of C009 OC's: why did you make your character the way he or she is, in both personality and appearance? What was your inspiration?

I'll post my own response in a bit Very Happy. Just thought it'd be an interesting topic.
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PostSubject: Re: More Curiosity   Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:26 am

I didn't even create Erika... -headdesk-
But, the idea for Sirius just popped into my head one day randomly. C:
And it took me 3 days to think of an ability.. x_X;;
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PostSubject: Re: More Curiosity   Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:48 pm

I'm going to be assuming you mean those we RP at Timeless Corruption, but Bonnie might need some more explaining by bringing in other OCs that I don't play in the forum. XD

It started off with my other OC Lisha who was a friend of Pyunma's, then Lisha turned into Yindi. Yindi was my one and only OC until I thought she needed friends, in which Bonnie and Kajin came in.

Kajin was all together the mean one, while Yindi was spunky, and loud mouthed.
So I thought it would be interesting to have Bonnie be rather cute and mousy like. Bonnie never really changed all that much except her powers. If you wish to know why I gave her that power it is because that during the time I was revamping Team Lethal (the evil team that Bonnie, Yindi, and Kajin are a part of) I was learning about the Atomic Bomb in History class. I was also learning some Chemistry which added to the intensity of her power. Her height and size are basically to contrast with the large power she has inside her.

To add making her a poor Scottish farm girl (despite the unoriginality) came after I saw something about the Isle of Skye and how some actress got lost on it once because it was so wide and spacious. So I was like Ohhhh 8D that'll be Bonnie's home. Also, it would be a bit symbolic as Bonnie has usually been alone ever since her mother's suicide.

Well, now that Bonnie's done I think you'd want to know about Raven White Feather. As you'd probably not know Raven White Feather IS NOT Raven's real name. Her real name is Priscilla Zibowski.

Raven had always been Raven, but at first she was human. She didn't even have an ex-fiance at first, but that too changed. After I took her as a more serious kind of OC I figured that some mental instability would do just fine, but I still needed her to have a reason to hate Christoph, which was her adopted older brother. This later ended up in me figuring she had a fiance, and has a high interest in older men then men her own age. Therefore, she was engaged to the 30 year old Rurik Yanovski, who later was completely killed off by Kajin.

Though the previous IS NOT ENTIRELY Raven's story on Timeless Corruption her personality is rather to similar as I've always had her. However, Raven is more curious then she was before, and has a more mischievous spirit. She is more likely to sock someone in the face, and although not entirely true, has a will to kill faster then she had before. Also, what hasn't changed is the fact is she's rather a rebel, although again it has dulled down with a bit of maturity too.

She's also aged a few years here in Timeless Corruption to allow her story as a former police academy graduate to be more real. I also think that her personality might change a bit as she meets the others and be put in different situations, but that is yet to be seen.

Haha. I don't think this was what you were expecting, but talking about my babies is just so fun Smile *is excited to see what other's write*
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PostSubject: Re: More Curiosity   Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:29 pm

When I first saw Cyborg 009, I thought it was the most amazing thing on earth.

Jenny was originally a Mary Sue of sorts... then I forgot about her after a while. ( and I grew up and realized how incredibly obsessed I was, and that ended that. Plus.. I stopped liking the whole JennyxJet thing.)

I, just once, would like to see the Bad Guy win. And In 6th grade, I had the mind set that all my idea's were original and superiorly creative. (I havent completely lost that, either.) So i started wondering what it would be like, since all the cyborgs previously had rebelled or were forced against their will (in some way or another, to my knowledge) to serve Black ghost, to have at least one willing being on the side of evil.

So I came up with the idea of a little girl who had been raised to think that Good was really Bad, and vise versa. Going along with the 'Mary Sue' thing, her name was Kaitie then. (I had my personal quirk of inserting myself into my favorite shows and books; Kaitie being my nickname around home.) Later I came up with the idea of her being a Guinea Pig for all sorts of cybernetic (or cybergenetic as I thought was the proper term for it then, XD ) experiments. ( I later thought of a better name for her, Jenny! [Guinea > Jinny > jenny] Of course, i also had a bad habit of not thinking things through, so she had some abilities that worked (the shape shifting and Psychic-ness) but all the rest had been deactivated. I recently realized this made no sense and fixed it.

Eventually Scientists and other 'employees' just got sick of having her around and found that it was easier just to place her in Stasis until she was needed.

Alistair, I thought of the ability before I thought of the character. I loved the idea of his modification. But i was having problems thinking of the rest of the details on his existence. So I borrowed a character form my story and changed his name. Most of Alistair was made up on the spot when i was filling out his Profile. XP

Viktor (yes, thats me) was created because i thought we needed to expand outside of the mansion, and Vladimir just looked so lonely over there in Germany all alone. But, as always, it took me all day to form a post, and by the time had actually composed a paragraph, MzUnderstood had Raven in there. It took me by surprise, but im actually glad she was there; it made everything more interesting. ^^
but, again, i had the idea for his ability before i thought about a being to match. ;3

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PostSubject: Re: More Curiosity   Fri Sep 05, 2008 4:36 pm

0014 originated as a Spaniard named Nadia Del Campo. Her original power was to generate the sonic waves that create distress in the cyborgs' systems; she'd have some sort of programmed immunity to them herself. I knew she was going to be a musician, but of what instrument I had no idea.

Then, a few volumes of Gunslinger Girl later, she bloomed into Vesper Agnesi. In her early stages, her relationship with 004 was one of pure visceral hatred - unrelenting animosity with nothing stopping the two from killing each other. Of course, that proved to be an obstacle when it came to fighting together, so it was time for another change. Now I'd call what's between them a constant game of cat-and-mouse, spy-versus-spy. They have different philosophies centered around the same misanthropy, so they can fight together while maintaining their own miserable existences.

Agnesi's dream being centered around a performing art, her power of polymer distortion symbolizes taking her out of the spotlight and making her 'invisible'. I'm sure this was something Dr. Bianchi decided to include as another stab at her pride.

0014 took this harshly. She has since decided that if she's designed to be a combat cyborg, combat is what she'll do, and there is no room in that lifestyle for playing music. If Black Ghost is defeated, and the cyborgs are allowed to retire, she'd probably take up clandestine work in the Italian government, or work as a hitman if she felt less than noble.

As for her appearance, I based them on my own standard of beauty; a tall height and extraordinarily pale skin. It seems Agnesi's become renowned for the latter. Her choice in fashion includes timeless European lines - the Italians know fashion - but her choice in color is deliberately austere and she tends to overdress. Whether it's that she's still mourning her mother or that she just likes being serious, I don't know. Possibly both.
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PostSubject: Re: More Curiosity   Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:01 pm

The strong-willed, expressive and ever-smiling young woman known as Holly Pacer began as someone very far off from what she is today. Back in 2001 (I was eight years old), she started off as a smart-ass punk of a girl, tall, completely unafraid, and in my opinion, pretty status-quo (not to mention boring). She was number zero-zero-twenty-one. Her name was... *shudder*... Kitty Sayome. She started off having the cat-like ears and the ability of flight right off the bat. However, neither was really linked to the other or had a real purpose. She also had a long tail, like another cyborg-girl Iíve seen floating around DeviantArt, 00CAT.

Now! On to the present!
Of course Iíve slightly tweaked her abilities, but the most prominent changes are in her personality. Now sheís really a lot like me. She stands up for what she believes in, but isnít in-your-face bold. And yes, she is a coward sometimes. I have to think a lot about her responses to things in Timeless-Corruption, because I have to contemplate, what would I do? I base most, if not all, her actions on what I would do if it was really happening to me.

But then there was an issue: I thought, sheís too simple. She needed some background, something that haunts her throughout her life. Thatís how I came up with her frightening cyborg-capture story. So now sheís this girl with this awful thing in her past, who still manages to be kind and optimistic most of the time, as long as she doesnít think about it much. But I donít really think anyone but Misu-Linís Rinaldo has seen that sweet side of Holly yet. Itís coming; a lot of stuff is going on right now...

And LIGHT! I almost forgot. Upon renaming zero-zero-twenty-one C21 (color twenty-one), the idea of the Pigments surfaced. Another, probably my favorite, concept also showed itself. Everyone makes their new, more powerful cyborgs relatively the same as the Canons. And I thought, wouldnít Black Ghost be a little smarter than that? (No offense, it was just a thought) Iíd think heíd have figured out a way to keep his cyborg soldiers more in control by now, without going through the trouble of trying to find really, really immoral people. What about something like a computer program, an artificial personality embedded in the cyborg him/herself?

Thus LIGHT. According to my story, Hollyís program was damaged when she was rescued by C20, who had already mysteriously destroyed his program. So she now lives with a frightening Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde potential. It makes sweet, sometimes unpredictable Holly a little but more unpredictable.

Lastly, her appearance has always been kind of the same, with the exception of her eyes and uniform. Uniquely colored eyes intrigue me, so I automatically gave her these fantastic blue-green eyes. As for her uniform, all of the Pigments have either black or white buttons, gloves, boots and scarves, and the white reflects her light/energy-based abilities.
Holly Leeann Pacer.
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PostSubject: Re: More Curiosity   

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More Curiosity
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