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 Jenny / 000 (12/11/08)

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PostSubject: Jenny / 000 (12/11/08)   Sat Jul 19, 2008 9:40 pm

Number: 000
Alias: Jenny
Nicknames: Kid, Blondie
Place of Birth: Rochester, New York (Personally unknown)
D.O.B: 10 - 9 - 1958
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Age: Unknown, though physically she appears to be about 17
Gender: female
Nationality: American
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 210'ish (metal is heavy and starts to add up eventually)
Appearance: Shoulder length blond hair, tied back in a spiky ponytail, green eyes, right eye is marred by a thick ugly scar and is blind. the whole right side of her face is burned slightly.
Jenny tends to be rather dark, not pessimistic, just devilish; acting on what the Black ghost organization has taught her. She not really a bad person, just acts like it. She is also convinced shes not human. And despises acting like one.
Occupation before capture: none

Jenny was kidnapped as a small child, though the guilty scientists' motives for doing so were unclear. It is assumed he wanted to raise her to know nothing of humanity or good, to make her the epitome of loyalty towards the Black Ghost organization. Yet, soon after her abduction, the man fell ill and died. Jenny was 'adopted' by another group of scientists who had various experiments they wished to test, but needed a 'volunteer'. As the scientists began using her as a guinea pig for various cyborg parts, to see how they worked with the human body, she was taught to fight and became very good at it.
Despite her evil upbringing, Jenny still some inkling of humanity but hates to show it, she also is aware that something juts didn't seem right about the way she was brought up. So due to various rebellious activities, she has had her memory wiped and been placed in cryogenic stasis for long periods of time, so no one is really sure how old she is.

Some time after the rebellion of the original nine prototypes, Black Ghost had Jenny assist in various 'missions' to aid in the spread of the organizations reach. A few scientists, as a joke, gave her the nickname zero-zero-zero. After failing one particularly important assignment, she and those working with her were 'released' from that line of work. Jenny was given back to the scientists to use as a test subject yet again, though they had nothing they needed done, and she was yet again put under stasis. The fates of the three other men are.... unknown.

After another couple months in stasis Jenny was woken for more tests, and devolved a love of flying and preformed test flights for new one man air crafts.
After one such , seemingly flawless, flight, the engine, minutes after landing, exploded. Jenny lost her arm and sustained several scratches and burns, mostly to the right side of her body. Scientists outfitted her with a new arm before they placed her back into cryogenic stasis.

Recently, she was let out of cryogenic stasis again, for, if anything, the testing of yet another part that the medical staff were unsure about.

Cybernetic Ability:

She has become known as the 'guinea pig cyborg' around the Black Ghost bases, and though many 'abilities' have been tested on her, the only that work are an inferior form of 007's shifting ability, and weak psychic powers that no one is supposed to know about. (Scientists tried the surgery on her once, but when Jenny couldn't do anything with it, they marked the experiment as failed. Jenny figured out how to use them on accident some time later, but kept them a secret.) Her shape shifting used to be activated by a switch similar to 007's, but scientists deactivated the switch so she could not rebel as easily. But Jenny can use her limited psychics to activate the ability

Jenny shape shifts very little. Because she lost her arm after the modification, it does not change with her and makes movement awkward.

Jenny absolutely despises her uniform and wears it as little as possible. Instead she wears normal clothing, but prefers jeans. (her uniform is just like the canon 9, but black, with red buttons and scarf)
  • Her arm is just metal. Not a gun. Not a knife. Just a piece of steel functioning as an arm.

  • The day she claims is her birthday is the earliest time she can recall coming out of cryogenic stasis.

  • She doesn't need to sleep as long as 001 does due to, or so she figures, the fact that she rarely uses her psychics and that they are so weak. She doesn't sleep much anyway.

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Jenny / 000 (12/11/08)
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