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 Kajin Reznik/ 00LG/ (12-15-08)

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PostSubject: Kajin Reznik/ 00LG/ (12-15-08)   Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:31 pm

Number: 00LG (Lethal Guard)
Alias: Kajin Reznik
Nicknames: Jin
Place of Birth: Czech Republic
D.O.B: December 17th
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Czech Republican
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Appearance a better one will be provided in time

Personality: Kajin is a bit of a goof when he is in a comfortable surround; however, when he isn't too comfortable he can be rather quiet. Since his capture, and escape he has been rather quiet and jumpy. He, unfortunately, is set off easily when he is in a weak state and goes into what can be identified as a sort of 'berserk' mode. During this time, a frightening side emits from him, and he speaks all sorts of gibberish, that one wouldn't understand accept for him and Black Ghost, who had his scientists install the device into his brain.

Occupation before capture: Recent High School graduate turned addict
He was the illegitimate child of a well known Czech business woman and a priest whom she tempted, and he's quite the terror.

His father was killed in a bout of Russian roulette when he was gambling.

Kajin had grown up in a semi-religious background. His mother, when she was home would quote things from the Bible and had various phrases in which Kajin, although he does not live by, still repeats today.

As Kajin grew up he fell into drugs and became an immense heroine addict and became extremely malnourished because of it. His complexion grew pale, he looked as if he was balding, and he would never look anybody in the eye, he was an addict at his worse.

When he was 16 his mother decided to send him to an institution so he would be able to get better. While there; however, he entered a horrendous coma and during that time his mother began to care more about him.

When he recovered from the coma, he began stealing in order to buy things, and could not be found by his mother anywhere. He refused to come back after feeling remorse for putting her through all of the hassle, and still to this day cannot face her.

One day, Kajin stole from a big boss man of a large and well connected gang. They took him and cut off his left arm, and then left him to die as punishment.

Black Ghost agents found him; however, he had escaped with aid from Raven White Feather.

He has since tagged along with the woman, and all though they might not get along at times, she has proven to be a great ally.

Cybernetic Ability:

Kajin had built up a strong immunity to drugs that was enhanced with the installation of an extremely powerful coating inside his body that even can withstand acid. This is good because throughout his veins acid circulates and is held within veins that are unfazed by the acid. Within the finger tips of his right hand are needles that can inject or spray the acid according to how much Kajin wishes to release. Also his skin is made out of extremely strong metal alloys. His left arm is able to morph into an extremely sharp pendulum. Accompanied with this is an extremely high speed accelerator in both legs.


If you knew about Kajin before, you would know that this is an extreme character change, and that is why I decided to add the part where he has a device that makes him serve Black Ghost from time to time.

So yeah.

That's my baby Kajin! c:

His actions/words/ etc. will be in this color
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Kajin Reznik/ 00LG/ (12-15-08)
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